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Front Office Employee


Leopold Hotel Ostend

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Operations Supervisor

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Welcoming guests warmly is your passion. You have a knack for languages and are excellent at responding to guest’s wishes. You know how to efficiently handle a complaint. With your eye for detail, nothing can escape you. As a front office employee, you not only take care of functional convenience such as checking in and out, advising and managing payments. You also create a relaxed atmosphere where our guest feel at home at any time of the day.  Learning quickly is not a problem for you and you handle the latest technological gadgets effortlessly.

Place Of Employment

The perfect staycation for coastal lovers in the queen of seaside cities. Leopold Hotel Ostend is a charming three-star boutique hotel. The hotel exudes timeless elegance because of its unique historic Art Deco building dating back to 1928. The creatively decorated rooms are ideal for both short and long stays. Thanks to long-term and repeat guests, there is a family atmosphere. The hotel has a trendy bar Del Mundo serving snacks and drinks. The “We Proudly Serve Starbucks Coffee Corner” located in the hotel is very popular with both hotel guests and external visitors. Here you can enjoy both the popular cold and hot drinks from Starbucks Coffee.

The Leopold Hotel Ostend is part of a larger company called PREM Hospitality. PREM Hospitality is a management company that specializes in managing hotels. PREM Hospitality is of Irish origin and has grown significantly throughout Europe in recent years. PREM Hospitality Continental Europe is headquartered in Ghent, Belgium. PREM Hospitality has developed a collection of different hotels and serviced apartments in more than 20 different locations.

Our Ethos

At PREM Group, we believe in always doing the right thing. This ethos works on both a commercial and human level. We have a practical, entrepreneurial spirit. We evolve and adapt, making smart commercial decisions that are performance driven, but we work primarily with a higher purpose. We strive to set industry standards. We want PREM Group to be synonymous with quality and innovation.

The PREM Group principle of doing the right thing trickles down through our organizations. It means doing the right thing for stakeholders, for our people, for our guests, for the industry we love and ultimately for our guests.

“Do the right thing”

Hotel ethos

As a hotel, we want to exceed our guests’ expectations in everything we do by hiring a dedicated team of people who work creatively and ethically for the good of the individual, society and the business.

Your Role

As a front office assistant, you will represent our hotel and provide our guests with a comfortable stay by providing information, service and assistance where needed. You ensure that our guests always come first and feel at home in our hotel.

  • Reception: You welcome guests warmly when they check in and say hello when they leave. You deliver quality and exceed guests’ expectations to create an overall sense of home for them.
  • Administration:  Smooth and efficient communication with guests, colleagues and other involved parties is important.  Incoming emails are answered and followed up in a timely manner. You complete all reservations up to invoicing.  Ensure good communication and information flow at all levels in the hotel.
  • Telephone switchboard: Taking calls and transferring them if necessary. Further assist guests with their requirements such as hotel room reservations, breakfasts, lunch, as well as answering general questions to facilitate guests’ stay.
  • Cash register duties: Checkout, process payments, hand over cash register at end of shift and be able to account for it, check change.
  • Organization: Seeing at the beginning of the day which guests will check out and check in gives a clear picture of how the rest of the day will go. Working closely with housekeeping, restaurant and technical services to ensure smooth cooperation in the hotel.
  • Handovers: A smooth and efficient handover between shifts is necessary to ensure quality service. You discuss what has happened, what should still be done and any unforeseen circumstances in order to best anticipate.
  • Starbucks + restaurant: We proudly serve Starbucks in our Starbucks corner. Quick and delicious meals are available in the restaurant. Smooth guest service is expected.
  • Mood setter: You take care of the coziness within the lobby. You light candles, vacuum the lobby and greet guests. You take care of the general cleanliness in the lobby.
  • Point of Contact: Within the hotel you are the point of contact for guests with their questions, problems and complaints. The guests look to you to show them around the hotel and the city.

This range of duties is not exhaustive.

The range of duties in this job description is intended to reflect the main tasks and level of work performed. It is not intended to reflect all responsibilities or qualifications of the position. 

This is you

  • Hospitality: You act on the needs and wishes of guests.
  • Flexibility: You are able to switch behavioral styles under different and changing circumstances to work effectively and purposefully.
  • Teamwork/collaboration, inclusiveness, and cross-cultural attitude: You are able to consult, agree and cooperate with others in completing assignments and projects.
  • Creativity & innovation: You are able to think of alternatives and step outside existing frameworks.
  • Plan – organize – structure: You can plan and organize activities and work effectively.
  • Performance motivation: You continuously improve (your own) performance and results of your own accord.
  • Communication + social skills (language skills): You can communicate messages clearly so that the purpose of the message is understood.
  • Problem analysis (problem-solving thinking): You are able to get a good overview of a complex matter.
  • Meticulousness: You are able to work accurately with an eye for details and connections.
  • Listening skills: You can extract the essence from spoken word and encourage the other person to get his/her message across.
  • Stress-resistance: You are able to continue to act and function efficiently under time pressure, in the face of resistance, setbacks and in tense, uncertain situations.
  • Positive curiosity: You are eager to learn and take the initiative to learn new things in order to broaden your knowledge.
  • Directing leadership: You can lead employees so they can achieve their goals.

Knowledge and meaningful skills:

  • You obtained at least a bachelor degree, preferably hotel management.
  • You speak Dutch fluently and master at least another language.
  • You have sufficient digital skills.

Working with us means

Working with us is more than a 9-5 office job. Work/life balance is key. Using flexible hours, you plan your hours in the way that best fits your life. This creates a unique work/life balance characteristic of jobs within the hotel industry. Hospitality work is a unique industry where you can meet fascinating people from all over the world. Your colleagues can also be a great support. You get the chance to create connections that will last a lifetime. You will make friends for life.

Hotel work opens doors and PREM helps you do that. Training and education allow you to continue to develop and grow. Hard work within hotels is rewarded with unique benefits. Like discounts for you, your family and friends within our hotels.

Wherever you come from, there is a place for you in our hotel. With us, we look at your skills, ambitions and talents. Your age, gender, orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, ethnicity, nationality or any other characteristic play no role in measuring your competence.

Within our hotels, the following values and standards are central; a passionate team that is mindful of their job and their place within the organization. We also require you to be performance-oriented in your job, both individually and collegially. Hardworking people who are down to earth are the perfect addition to our hotel.

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