Working With PREM

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At PREM Group, we believe in doing the right thing always. 

This ethos operates on both a commercial and a human level. We have a practical, entrepreneurial spirit. We evolve and adapt, making smart commercial decisions that are performance-driven, yet we work with a higher purpose. We aspire to set industry standards. We want PREM Group to be synonymous with quality and innovation.

The PREM Group principle of doing the right thing trickles down through our organisations. 

It means doing the right thing for stakeholders, for our people, for our clients, for the industry we love and ultimately for our guests.

We aim to recruit people who also value ‘doing the right thing’. This helps to create teams that are happy in their jobs, dedicated to the high standard of service and support one another. This also creates an environment whereby our team members can feel content and proud to work at PREM Group. We find that a positive working atmosphere translates into a positive guest experience, and ultimately this is our goal as professionals in the hospitality industry.


Our Ethos

At PREM Group, we believe in doing the right thing always.

Career Development

Grow with PREM

PREM Group is proud that so many team members have grown their careers within the company. Many of our team have started off in one role and moved on to new opportunities as they arise, building on their experience and progressing their career ambitions. In addition to on the job learning team members are invited to develop their skills in many areas relating to their particular role, or in preparation for their next career step. Some of the supports and resources for learning and development within the Group include:

  • Eureka – our own in-house online learning and communication portal
  • Learning hubs – an ongoing series of live, bitesize learning sessions focusing on different aspects of hospitality management 
  • Further education – In partnership with third level education providers PREM Group offers qualifying candidates the opportunity to undertake a variety of further education programmes, such as hospitality graduate and trainee management programmes, professional accountancy, IT, human resources and sales & marketing related courses. 
  • Management programmes and internships


Team spirit & collective learning

The ENGAGE programme invited colleagues to form teams with a view to planning and delivering a project that would have a high impact on the business in any of a number of areas including employee wellbeing, guest satisfaction, profitability and (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility.

Since 2018 our employees have submitted ideas and suggestions – from ENGAGE gives our employees the platform to give life to ideas, while fostering team spirit and encouraging creativity. In 2018, 35 teams from across Ireland, England, Scotland, The Netherlands and Belgium participated in ENGAGE projects, 8 of those made it to the final. A PREM Ireland team from the Hoban Hotel won with their project employee wellbeing initiative ‘Tip Top Teams’. Their winning initiative had greatly contributed to a healthier culture for their staff and families. 

Behind the Scenes

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