Why Working In The Hospitality Industry Is Unique

Why Working In The Hospitality Industry Is Unique

Why are you choosing a job in the hospitality industry? Maybe you love the idea of a flexible work environment, bringing a balance of work and home life together? Perhaps you just love to help people and want to give each guest the very best experience in your country? There are many things that makes working in the hospitality sector unique. One thing is for sure, working in hotels is never boring! It offers you so much more variety and excitement than a 9-5 office job.

Here’s why we love where we work and would encourage everyone to enjoy a career in hospitality.

Flexible hours

What other industry offers you the flexibility to lie in on Mondays or have drinks on a Thursday night without worrying about being tired in work on Friday. Hospitality work often involves working unusual hours and shifts, which really suits flexible workers. You can often work around your schedule of childcare, appointments and other things you would traditionally need to use holidays for. As the working week is rostered over 7 days, you can also time your shifts to enjoy a four-day break with no annual leave required! Working in hotels offers you a unique work/life balance.

You’ll meet friends for life

Shift work can be tough and sometimes the best part of your day are the laughs you enjoy with colleagues. Hospitality work is a unique industry that gives you an opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world, from guests to peers. Not everyone that has the flair for the hospitality industry. It takes someone with great passion, creativity and caring who really embraces the industry. Luckily most of your colleagues will have the same mindset as you, helping you create connections that will last a lifetime. Even with a busy schedule, you will always find a good reason to smile with colleagues and guests.

Great opportunities

Hotel work opens doors. Where else can you get serving, cleaning, catering, hospitality, administration, financial and customer service training all in the same place! Hotels are an essential part of the world and hotel staff are always in demand. Having the experience of hospitality training will stand to you no matter where in the world you work. Taking responsibility and showing positive leadership in the workplace never goes unnoticed in the hospitality world and getting a good reputation is key. PREM Group offers our staff continuous professional development in the workplace from hygiene & safety to leadership & mental health, all of which are in demand in every industry. We also advertise our jobs internally and try to develop skills in those employees who show a particular passion for their jobs.

Staff Benefits

Hospitality work is hard work. Long hours and demanding guests can sometimes prove difficult to keep up with. That’s why most hotel groups or hospitality jobs offer unique benefits to their staff. These differ from company to company but often include hot meals to refuel during your shift, staff rates in hotels which are heavily discounted and the opportunity to bring along your friends and family on a discounted rate too. When you work for PREM Group, each of our employees has access to discounted staff rates in each of our properties across Ireland, the UK, Belgium and The Netherlands. We believe that your hard work should be rewarded and you should enjoy our beautiful properties as well as our guests.

Diversity and Opportunity

No matter where in the world you are from, there is a place for you in the hospitality industry. Hotels are multicultural environments that offer you the chance to learn more about your international colleagues or welcome unique guests (sometimes you’ll even welcome a familiar famous face!). Working in environments like these, allows us to learn and experience different cultures and adapt to work well as a team. You’ll always hear stories of people starting in entry-level positions with very little English, working hard and becoming invaluable members of the front of house team. Opportunity is always a possibility in this industry, you just need to show you want it.

If you’d like to experience these benefits for yourself and work for an industry leader, visit here today to check out the vacancies in your area. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!


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