Learning & Developing During A Pandemic

Learning & Developing During A Pandemic

What have you learned in 2020? Lockdown and restrictions came unexpectedly early in the year, leaving so many out of work and unable to plan past the end of the week. Now, 8 months after the beginning of the biggest pandemic the world has known, what have you achieved? Don’t let 2020 be a total washout for you. Take advantage of some of the thousands of free resources and courses offered by your employer or local authority. 2020 can be the year that you learned a new skill, became fluent in a second (or third!) language or furthered your professional career.

What is your employer offering? 

If you are lucky enough to have kept your job during 2020, take this opportunity to further your professional skills by using what many employers are providing for free. For example, PREM Group had established Eureka in 2016, our bespoke eLearning platform providing team members with statutory training along with the opportunity to complete other training courses such as wellbeing in the workplace, social media training, customer service and many more. This allows all of our team members to upskill and train cross-departmentally, something that will stand to them when promotions or new opportunities arise. Check what your employer is offering.

Further Education and Training Course Hub (FETCH)

Many local authorities in Ireland have come together to offer a huge selection of free online training and resources across a range of industries. Courses range from professional training like Word Processing and Employment Skills, to creative training like Art & Crafts and Candle Making. There is something for everyone in Further Education & Training Course Hub and many of the course are online to ensure your safety. The best part about online learning is you can complete your chosen course at a time that suits you instead of being tied to strict timetables. Check their website and ensure you fit the eligibility criteria today.

LinkedIn Learning

The world’s leading professional networking websites have branched out and is now offering a comprehensive selection of training and development modules. These courses are specifically created to meet the skills sought after by employers who advertise on LinkedIn and other job search websites and are extremely useful when searching for a new job or upskilling in your current position. You can learn new skills with no previous experience or build on existing skills. They offer over 16,000 Business, Design & Tech courses online, to be completed at a time and a pace that suits you. Unfortunately, these courses are not free but they do offer a generous one-month free trial so you have nothing to lose!

Irish Hotel Federation Seminars

The Irish Hotel Federation, the national organisation of the hotel and guesthouse industry in Ireland, are offering plenty of free online seminars and lots of online resources to keep everyone busy and engaged. The Industry Initiatives page on their website is full of free seminars, from Culinary Apprenticeships Open Days to Inspiring Sustainable Tourism workshops and everything in between. The courses are designed by industry leaders in the Irish hospitality industry and so they prove very useful in everyday life.  Your employer may inform you about these useful seminars so keep an eye on internal communication forums. Alternatively, sign up to the IHF newsletter or mailing list so you don’t miss anything.


Springboard+ provides free higher education courses for people who are unemployed, those looking to return to the workforce and those wanted to upskill in a specific industry. There are a range of part-time courses available from certificate to master’s degree levels – levels 6 to 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). These courses take place in colleges and universities all over the country and there is a wide range of course topics. It is open to everyone and depending on your employment status, it is either free or heavily discounted to all. They offer almost 13,000 places across 392 courses from 29 providers each year. Check the eligibility criteria to see if you qualify.

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