Global Colleague Month

Global Colleague Month

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories and helped us to celebrate Global Colleague Month in July.

We have over 41 different nationalities across the group in Ireland and UK, and we were delighted to have the opportunity to spotlight different team members throughout the month – it has given us such an insight into their traditions and cultures and we are all the richer for what our teams have shared – thank you to all those who participated.  

PREM Group are proud to hold a Bronze award from Investors in Diversity and in our last Great Place to Work survey we were thrilled to see our score for Diversity and Inclusion was 91%, a heartwarming recognition of the efforts of every team member to welcome everyone to our team.  As part of the Investors in Diversity programme we updated all our policies to ensure tolerance, equality, inclusion, and understanding were at the core of how we deal with people, and we took the opportunity to share these policies with all the team early in the month. In the spirit of inclusion and to reinforce these values we held weekly LiFT sessions on the theme of Empathy and Understanding. “Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself” the LiFT themes help us to make small changes in our lives to be better leaders within our circles of influence.  

We held a Wheel of Fortune Raffle as a small thank you to those spotlighted and those who participated in a LiFT roundtable. Congratulations to our winners.

Prize Winners

LIFT Participant Winners:

  • Chris Benyon – PREM Group UK
  • Valentina Para – Osprey Hotel
  •   Kelsey Balfe – Aspect Hotel Park West
  • Saoirse Daly – Osprey Hotel
  • Emilia Lesniak – Cahernane House Hotel

Global Colleague Quiz Winner:

  • Abhishek Tiwari – Osprey Hotel

Global Colleague Participant Winners:

  • Monika Badowska Viking Hotel Waterford
  • Kevin Gomes Aspect Hotel Park West

Thank you to those who shared their national dishes with the teams, and we had great fun with the themed days in our properties.


A special shout-out to

  • Akvile in the Viking Hotel for her Lithuanian feast.
  • Yanina in the Osprey Hotel for her taste of Ukraine.
  • Saman for his selection of dishes from Sri Lanka for the Osprey Hotel team.
  • Zabir for his Malaysian lunch in the Osprey Hotel.
  • Wocjeich for his Polish selection also in the Osprey Hotel.
  • Well done to Fiona who made delicious cupcakes for the team.
  • The team in PREMIER SUITES Dublin Sandyford who bought in delicious treats from home.
  • Colleen and the Viking Hotel kitchen team for the selection of blaas – a unique Waterford bread treat that has European PGI status and can only be made in Waterford in the traditional way.
  • In the Hoban Hotel, they held an Italian day and had faux secco on the terrace – rumour has it the sun even shined!
  • Aspect Hotel Park West celebrated Irish Goa Day with the kitchen team preparing a selection of dishes from Goa and DJ Adney shared some tunes which had Park West rocking.
  • In Cahernane House Hotel they held a team quiz and later we will also have the results of the group Global Colleague quiz – we had lots of entries and are delighted to say that you all definitely know more about each other now!
  • We also had some creative offerings and a special shout-out to Karlo in Waterford who has decorated the canteen with a lovely culture tree – elsewhere we have new culture boards so we can continue to share our different cultures in the future.  

The feedback from all our team members has been positive and everyone was delighted to learn more about our colleagues and the delicious national dishes were much appreciated.  

We hope you enjoy this selection of photos and thank you again to everyone who participated and put in such an effort to make all the events a success.


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